Total Station RTS340 Series with Colour-display



RTS340 can connect to
data collector through Bluthooth



  • Dual Axis Compensator
  • “Easy Measure” trigger key on the side of the instrument
  • Dual colour screen (QVGA)
  • Bluetooth, mini USB, RS-232C and SD card
  • (x2) Batteries with over 8 hours of working time
  • Built-in temperature and pressure sensors

Available models:
  • RTS342-R500, 2” Precision and 500m reflectorless
  • RTS342-R1000, 2” Precision and 1000m reflectorless
  • RTS345-R500, 5” Precision and 500m reflectorless
  • RTS345-R1000, 5” Precision and 1000m reflectorless

RTS340 series Total Station:
  • “Easy Measure” trigger key mounted on the side of the instrument so the user doesn’t lose sight of the target while measuring
  • Illuminated colour display (QVGA)
  • LED-backlight alphanumerical keyboard
  • Long reflectorless measuring distance reaches to 500m (R500) or 1000m (R1000)
  • Multiple data interface: Bluetooth, mini USB, RS-232C and SD card
  • Onboard software and application programs to simplify and speed up field work
Standard Accessories:
  • Instrument
  • Batteries (x2)
  • Battery charger
  • Communication cable RS-232C to USB
  • Reflective sheets 30×30 mm (x4)
  • Reflective sheet 60×60 mm (x1)
  • Tool kit
  • Rain protection bag
  • Instruction manual
  • Carrying case

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